Cold-Repair-Asphalt is grit that contains hydrocarbon for cold conditions and it is used for the temporary repair or regrooving of asphalt surfaces on, for example, public roads, avenues, driveways and the parking spaces in garages, car parks and factory halls.

Cold Repair-asphalt 0/4 mm. (25 Kg.)

Code: 8801

9.95 per 25 kg.

Sold per 25 kg.

Cold Repair-asphalt 0/4 mm. (25 Kg.)

Code: 8803

16.50 per 25 kg.

Sold per 25 kg.

Cold Asphalt 0/4 Big Bag 1.000 Kilograms

Code: 8805

324.00 per 1000 kg.

Sold per 1000 kg.

Preparation of the subsurface

  • Hack out the damaged area straight.
  • Use a steel brush to clean the surface well.
  • Remove any water and mud.
  • We recommend that you coat the surface and sides of the area to be restored with bitumen emulsion.

Application of Cold-Repair-Asphalt

  • Spread out the repair-asphalt with a rake and press it down with a rammer or any other adapted tool or implement.
  • In the case of high temperatures, it is advisable to scatter sand on the repair-asphalt.
  • Thickness of layer up to 60 mm.


  • 25 kg/m2, per centimeter thickness.


  • Unopened sacks can be stored for up to 6 months.

Packaging unit

  • Packaged in sacks of 25 kg 1,000 kg per pallet.

Instruction/demonstration Cold-Repair-Asphalt

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